Monday, 14 October 2013

Free UX courses - storytelling

Awesome news! I've just found out an extraordinary course about storytelling. Everything is taught from beginings with awsome teachers. Plus they intend to create real bonds between students through homeworks.
I am very excited. I can barely wait to begin the course.
The Future of Storytelling  is perfect. It takes you from beginning, so you don't need extra knowledge. It's interactive from two points of you. First, the methods of teaching are mixed and non-formal. Second, they gave you homeworks. I like it... it's like you have your own trainer.

The teachers are from the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and they seem to have a lot of experience. The videos are of a very good quality. So, the course starts on 25th October and it ends on December 20th 2013.

By the way, it's free! You can check here and even more.

So, good luck! I'm already in! :)

Monday, 7 October 2013

Confused freshman

The moment when I had to choose where I would continue my studies was rapidly coming. When I  was little I thought of becoming translator of arabic. But sooner than I thought I realized that I'm not very gifted in learning new languages. Who knows?! Later, as a melancholic and introvert teenage I fell in love with psychology. I'm still loving it, although I chose to study, to everyone's surprise, automatics and informatics at Electrical Engineering College. I know, it was insane, but I did. Me, who have nothing to do with maths and physics. Contrary, I was the kid buried in books all day long and night.
So, as a student I had only one option: wait carefully four years and who knows, maybe you'll find something suitable for you, at least. Now, beeing a creative person who loves art and crafts, I thought initally of web design. Still, didn't work for me. So, I've waited... until... until the first year ended I found my "love" - user experience design. My confusion as a freshman should have ended. No. It continued until today.